One of my favorite American expressions about transforming life’s downs into ups is “making lemons into lemonade”. Since I have literally never met a lemon I couldn’t use for something in the kitchen, making lemonade is the ultimate treat. It is super easy to put together in its most basic form, and has a lot less sugar per serving than most commercial brands. As you will see in this class, it’s easy to add different fresh flavors to it like ginger and lavender, or fruits like mango and raspberries to make it even more delicious. And if you like the tickle of fizz in your drinks, you can top them up with plain seltzer water. Look and learn!

Mango lemonade

This wonderful tropical Mango Lemonade comes from Chef Naxielly Dominguez. It is simply delicious on a hot afternoon. This summer cooler packs a health punch as it slakes your thirst. Mango has a ton of vitamins, A & C in particular, along with E, K, and B6. Who knew keeping cool could be so tasty and good for you? Look and learn!

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade is a summer delight! The scent of lavender is soothing and calming, and on a hot day this cooling drink would be the perfect pre-siesta refresher. Our lemonade recipes are not as sugary as store bought, but if, like me, you like your lemonade a little tart tasting, you may want to try reducing the amount of sugar used to make the lavender syrup by a quarter. You can always stir a little more in at the end if it suits your taste buds better, but a gradual reduction in the sweet stuff will help you manage your sweet tooth, a good thing! Look and learn.

Raspberry Lemonade

There’s little more deliciously refreshing on a hot day than chilled Raspberry Lemonade. It’s so easy to make at home that I wonder why anyone buys it in the store. Homemade has a lot less sugar per serving than most commercial brands, and it’s easier to take control of the amount of added sugars in your food when you’re making it in your own kitchen. Since a sweet tooth is a very personal thing and I happen to prefer my lemonade a little sharp, for this recipe I would start by adding just half the syrup to the rest of the ingredients, sampling it, and then stirring in more in to taste. It’s easy to do. Look and learn.

Ginger Lemonade

One might not think ginger and lemon work well together, but their combination in Ginger Lemonade is surprisingly delicious. Both ingredients contain cancer-fighting antioxidant phytonutrients and vitamins like C and folate as well as minerals magnesium and copper. Ginger is also soothing to the digestion, a boon during cancer treatment. This great duo of deep flavors and nutrients will keep you hydrated all summer long! Enjoy!