All our Moms deserve a treat, and on Mother’s day we can show them some love by cooking them a delicious brunch, and doing the washing up! In this lesson Ann will show you how easy and delicious it is to make a great brunch for Mom, all the while using healthy, tasty ingredients that will do her good while keeping her taste buds very happy! Look and learn!

Eggs Baked in Tomatoes

Roasting tomatoes brings out all their natural sweetness. When beefsteak tomatoes are at their best, use them to make this easy, delicious, spectacular special breakfast or brunch dish – thinking of you Mom! Better yet, this dish happens to be perfect for those on restricted, anti-microbial or neutropenic diets. No one could feel deprived for one minute eating this deliciousness! Try it!

Chef Mark’s Cabbage Salad

Chef Mark Delassandro created this Cabbage Salad recipe for our first series of healthy cooking classes funded by Aetna for Latina breast cancer survivors. Cruciferous vegetables are so protective for breast cancer survivors. This delicious dish ditches the usual iceberg lettuce for napa cabbage to make a super crunchy, nutrient-packed salad that’s a favorite at all our classes. Look and Learn.

Easy Almond Cookies

These deliciously addictive, naturally gluten-free cookies are so quick to make! They have just 3 ingredients, and take no time to cook. Just take care not to overcook them, they will be very pale on top and will crisp up on the outside as they cool. They are perfect for a sweet snack with some coffee or tea, or they can turn our easy, delicious fruit compotes into special occasion desserts. Try them!

Lemony Berry Parfait

This Lemony Berry Parfait is an easy dessert to make and it’s really yummy- a true crowd pleaser. If you make the blueberry compote ahead of time it literally can be put together in 5 minutes, great when you’re tired from cancer treatment, or simply strapped for time. We’ve suggested using a mix strawberries and blueberries here but really you can toss any berry or fruit you choose together with the compote – in the non-berry camp diced pears or peaches would be delicious. Look and learn

Almond Milk Chai Tea

Chai latte is a perfect sweet pick-me up treat, and you don’t need to go to a fancy coffee shop to get one. It can be made right on your stove, be lower in sugar than a traditional chai latte and taste utterly delicious. You’ll never shell out for one at the coffee shop again! Look and learn!