Sometimes it’s the weirdest looking winter veggies that have some of the best nutrition, like low carb cruciferous kohlrabi and gnarly but delicious celery root. Ann will show you how to get into these great winter veggies and make the best of them. Leafy greens like chard and collards are also winter winners, beet greens too. They bring vitamin C and calcium when the days are short and the nights cold. Look and learn!

Preparing Swiss Chard

Gorgeously colorful Swiss Chard is a member of the nutritious beet family. Its deep green leaves come with stems in rainbow hues of ruby red, yellow and white. Unlike many greens, these colorful stems are succulent rather than tough, and can be cooked on their own once the greens are cut away. In this quick video clip Ann will show you the quick way to prep them. Look and learn!


Have you ever heard of Kohlrabi? It is a rather strange looking member of the cabbage family and full of phytonutrients and vitamin C. It’s great tasting too. Kohlrabi is a fat, round bulbous veggie with collard like leaves springing from it. It’s great in soups, steamed or roasted, but first you have to get into it. Look and learn as Ann shows you how.

Chopping Leeks

Mild and sweet tasting, leeks are a great addition to any recipes instead of onions. Although a member of the same family as onions and garlic, they are much milder on delicate digestions plus they are truly delicious. But they have a reputation for being full of dirt, and difficult to cut and clean. Not so. Watch this quick video to learn how easy it is to prepare them. Look and learn.

Celery Root

Celery Root is one of the uglier veggies on the farm stand, but that’s no reason for them to stay home. Once you cut away their gnarly exteriors, inside is a delicately flavorful easy to cook low carb veggie that is delicious in soups, roasted of thinly julienned into salads. Ann will show you how. Look and learn!