Quinoa is one of the most versatile grains there is. Strictly speaking it’s a seed, and unlike most whole grains, it is gluten free, has fiber and complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids — those we can’t synthesize in our bodies and need to get from food. It’s worth cooking a batch as it can be used for all kinds of dishes. In this class, we’ll stray onto its lesser known sweet side, using quinoa to add protein to muffins, as a substitute for oatmeal at breakfast, even to bulk up a smoothie. Check it out.

Apple Quinoa Muffins

These subtly sweet little muffins are so moist and tasty it’s hard to believe they’re actually good for you. If, like me, you are prone to cooking batches of quinoa to use in salads or mix with veggies as a protein-rich side, keeping an extra cup to make a special breakfast treat is a no brainer. With it, you can literally get these muffins to the table in around 30 minutes!

Basic Quinoa

Quinoa contains complete protein, helpful for sustaining energy and rebuilding body tissues during cancer treatment. It is naturally gluten-free and also provides respectable helpings of manganese, folate, and vitamin B6 among others. And unlike whole grains like brown rice or spelt it cooks really fast, just like white rice in fact. Here’s how easy it is to cook up a batch to use during the week.

Quick and Easy Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

This is a great alternative to oatmeal because it packs in a lot of protein. If you have leftover quinoa, simply re-heat it with some milk – it can be non-dairy so feel free to substitute your favorite may be, soy, coconut, or almond milk. Use any toppings you’d like – berries, grated apple, toasted nuts, Greek yogurt. It’s all good!

Chocolate Quinoa Smoothie

This naughty tasting smoothie is yet another wonderful way to use cooked quinoa! It adds healthy protein to this yummy intensely chocolatey smoothie to help keep the nutrition coming. Quinoa never tasted so decadent! Try it!

Kale and Quinoa Salad

On the savory side, this is a yummy updated version of tabbouleh. Packed with nutrition, it uses protein rich quinoa instead of bulgur and is therefore gluten free, and kale, the super green that keeps on giving. Bound together by bite of a classic mustard vinaigrette softened by sweet, chopped dates, this salad takes a new look at a basic that will inspire you to use quinoa in all kinds of different ways. Try it.