Spring is finally here and with it come artichokes, asparagus and tender leeks. These are some of our favorite cancer fighting veggies, but when it comes to cooking an extra-terrestrial looking artichoke, or knowing how to prep asparagus to get the tenderest parts, many of us don’t have the first clue where to begin. Fear not, Ann will show you how. Look and Learn!

Chopping Leeks

Leeks are a great addition to many recipes. A member of the onion family, their mellow flavor can be a gentle substitute for stronger tasting onions. Check out this quick video to learn how to prepare them, and visit our site for more info on leeks and other great vegetables to eat during cancer treatment.

How to Eat an Artichoke

Have you ever wondered how to get into an artichoke? In this video, Ann will show you the simplest way to cook and then eat them – it’s easy – Steam them! Check out our next video for more on these fabulous veggies. Look and learn!

How to Cut an Artichoke

Want to use artichokes in salads, risottos, stews or to roast but don’t know how to trim them? Look no further. In this video, Ann will show you how to cut and trim artichokes to get to the soft, edible parts around their hearts that are so delicious in so many dishes. Look and learn!

Two Ways To Make Amazing Asparagus

Asparagus might seem fancy, but it is fast cooking and super easy to prepare. Ann will show you a really easy way to steam them without any fancy equipment, and she’ll also show you how easy and delicious it is to roast it. Enjoy