Soups are warming and delicious in the wintertime, but come spring, as the weather gets warmer our thoughts turn to the delicious chilled soups that cool, soothe and nourish. Ann is making soup with a couple of spring classics from the vegetable section, peas and asparagus, as well as a yummy creamy wheat berry and cucumber soup. She will also show you how to make use of asparagus trimmings to make a simple flavorful stock that’s good in asparagus soups or risottos.

Minty Pea Soup

This cold minty spring pea soup is quick and easy to make and totally delicious. Plus it looks absolutely beautiful. If fresh peas are out of season, you can substitute frozen, just make sure there’s no sugar added to them.

Cucumber Wheat berry and Yogurt Soup

Cucumber, Yogurt & Wheat Berry Soup turned me from a chilled soup skeptic into a fan. I find it’s light, creamy texture combined with chewy wheat berries irresistible.

Asparagus soup with Spring herbs

Spring Asparagus Soup with Herbs is a pretty, pale green soup that’s perfect when springtime asparagus appear. It couldn’t be simpler to make or more delicious to eat.

Asparagus Trimming Broth

Asparagus trimming broth is exactly as advertised, a broth made from the woody parts of asparagus that generally get thrown away. It’s fabulous for asparagus risottos and soups, and anywhere else where asparagus is in a starring role. So next time you steam asparagus, waste not want not. Whip up this stock from the woody stems and make your next asparagus dish impossibly delicious.