We’re always being told to eat our 5 servings -a-day of fresh fruits and veggies, yet only about 25% of us manage to do it, so we understand that the idea of eating that amount of fresh veggies can seem overwhelming. At Cook for Your LIFE, we’ve found that one of the more satisfying, tasty and easy ways to get your 5-a-day on, even for non-veg lovers, is to put them into hearty, filling soups. Look and learn!

Lemony Celery Root and Chickpea Soup

Celeriac or celery root is a knobby member of the celery family. Quite frankly, it’s a pretty ugly looking veggie, but don’t let that fool you. As it’s name implies, it has a wonderful almost nutty celery flavor. It is low in carbs, and is often used raw in winter salads, sliced very thin and julienned, added sparingly to flavor to soups and stews or to liven up and lighten up holiday mashed potatoes. In this quick and easy vegan chickpea soup, it is the star. When cooked slowly, celeriac becomes sweet, and is a perfect partner for nutty chickpeas. Lemon juice adds a little zing. Stir in the bright taste of gremolata before you eat and you’re all set.

Easy Grandma’s Minestrone

Grandma’s Minestrone Soup recipe is my Italian grandma’s recipe. My Mum gave it to me years ago when I left home so I would eat, and it became my go-to during chemo. As kids we used to call it Jungle Soup because of all the veggies in it, and we loved it. I like to use less water for a really thick soup, more like a stew but you can add stock or water to taste. Try topping your bowl off with a little torn fresh basil or pesto. Yummy! Look and learn!

Collard Greens and White Bean Soup

This delicious collard greens & white bean soup recipe is a quick and easy way to use these dark, leafy greens chock full of cancer fighting nutrients. Eaten with a chunk of wholegrain bread, this soup is a complete meal and a nutritious comfort food during cancer treatment and beyond. It can be frozen in portions for when you need a light, healthy supper. You can use any small white beans, either dried or canned. If using canned beans, drain and rinse them before adding them to the soup, as most canned beans are high in salt, even when low sodium. It is worth the trouble to cook your own Basic White Beans if you can plan ahead. They taste so much better and you can use the broth. Look and learn!

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup was something I’d never eaten before I came to live in the US, and it turned out to be a pretty major New World discovery for me when I did. This vegetarian tortilla soup is an all-veggie version of the classic that is simply delicious. Made with canned black beans and canned tomatoes, both pantry staples, it is fresh tasting, light, yet totally satisfying to eat. You certainly won’t miss the meat. Look and learn!

Fall Vegetable Soup

This golden fall soup couldn’t be easier. it’s just vegetables, herbs and water, and once the prep is done, there’s really not much cooking to do at all. The ingredient list was inspired by a box of fall vegetables that were donated to us for our classes from a local New York community supported agriculture group, and proves that delicious things can happen when you improvise. We added some wonderful flavor to the soup by adding a smoky dried chipotle pod at the beginning, and at the end, stirred in a fresh infusion of spicy green gremolata. Yummy! Look and learn!