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Cook For Your Life, the award winning & James Beard Award nominated cookbook, is one of a kind. Take on cancer in the kitchen with over 100 exclusive recipes!




Going through treatment and are too tired to search our site for recipes?

Buy our wonderful James Beard nominated,  Books for a Better Life Award winning cookbook, Cook for Your LIFE!

The recipes in most cancer cookbooks are either too complicated for someone fatigued from cancer treatment, or too clinical to inspire anyone with chemo compromised taste buds to get up and cook. Not this one.  Cook for Your LIFE is written by a two-time cancer survivor, and is the first cancer cookbook to organize its easy, comforting, delicious recipes into chapters according to how cancer patients feel, and by what they may actually want or need at any given moment during treatment. With over 100 exclusive easy to make and beautifully photographed recipes, you’ll get everything you need in one place.   For more info check out the chapter synopsis below

  • “Staples” A starter list of healthy pantry basics to make the recipes in this book even easier
  • “Simple” Easy nutritious recipes short on ingredients and long on taste that are great if you’re a patient fatigued from treatment, or a caregiver strapped for time.
  • “Soothing” When all you want from your food is pure comfort, “Soothing” puts all those comforting  ‘chicken soup’ kind of recipes together in one place and easy to find when you need them.
  • “Safe” Recipes and tips to let you eat fearlessly when your immune system is compromised.
  • “Spicy” Recipes that hit the spot when you’re feeling a whole lot better and need strong flavors to blow away the cobwebs and taste changes of chemo palate.
  • “Sweet” Some healthier, easy to make treats, perfect to eat in moderation for those on chemo who find their sweet tooth activated.
  • “Scrumptious” Recipes that are all about keeping it deliciously healthy once you start eating normally again after treatment.

Cook for Your Life has everything. This unique cancer-fighting cookbook is not about food as medicine nor food to cure. Its about the nutritious comforting foods cancer patients crave. From its delicious, easy recipes, warm storytelling, and beautiful design, to its smartly conceived intuitive format,  it is a cookbook that empowers patients, caregivers, and their families to cook together, eat together and, importantly, enjoy food together!  It is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. The profits of all purchases made on this site will go to support Cook for Your Life’s “mission in the kitchen” to help cancer patients, and all those touched by cancer, to cook and eat healthily at every stage of their cancer journeys.

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