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fruit topped chicken


Apple Mango Free Range Chicken with Peach and Plum Salsa

This free range chicken breast is marinated in an apple cider and mango marinade overnight, making for a sweet juicy chicken breast. Top with the late summer plum and peach salsa for another punch of sweetness and a spicy kick! It’s a great healthy dinner that’s so simple to make and very quick to cook. Because some of the acids in the mango and cider vinegar start to cook the chicken while it’s marinating they only need a few minutes on each side til they are cooked to juicy perfection. Serve with a simple leafy green salad and enjoy!

Remove any fat and cartilage from the chicken breast and cut into small 3 inch strips.

In a medium sized bowl, whisk together apple cider, mango juice, half the salt, half the black pepper and the nut oil. Pour into a non-reactive Pyrex dish, container or large Ziploc bag, and lay the strips of chicken in the marinade. They should be well coated. Let the chicken marinate at least 3 hours, but for best results marinate overnight.

Meanwhile prepare the Peach & Plum Salsa. (See recipe below). Set aside until ready to cook the chicken.

When you are ready to cook, mix together the remaining kosher salt and black pepper. Remove the chicken strips from marinade and season both sides of each strip with a pinch of the salt and pepper blend. Discard any that’s left over or keep for another use.

Heat outdoor or indoor grill to high and place strips on it, quickly grilling each side. Do not overcook the chicken. Because some of the acids from the juices have broken down the chicken already, the cooking time for these little strips is about 3-5 minutes total. Remove cooked chicken from the grill and place in a new clean container. Cover with saran wrap or foil and let chicken rest for 5-10 minutes (it will continue to cook, slightly). Serve warm or at room temperature with Peach & Plum Salsa



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