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Small meals- Cook For your Life- Anti Caner Recipes

Small Meals for Big Nutrition

By Elaine Guinan on October 31, 2016

Good nutrition is vitally important as part of any cancer treatment plan.  Individuals with cancer have higher nutritional needs for calories and protein than the general population to maintain strength and muscle mass. These increased needs come at a time when many patients will struggle with food intake. It can be hard to eat right during cancer treatment. Many people find that their appetite is reduced due to stress and worry about their diagnosis. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy often bring side effects which impact on food intake, such as nausea, taste changes or sensitivity to smells. The location of the cancer is also important, as a large tumor may reduce the amount a patient can eat. For these reasons, many patients may find that having small meals will help them to eat more than their traditional eating pattern.



Small Meals-Cook For Your Life-Anti Cancer Recipes

Try these simple strategies to help you achieve optimum nutrition in smaller volumes:

These tips apply for anyone who is struggling to consume enough food. If you have issues with food volumes due to surgical intervention (e.g. gastric cancer removal) you will require more specialist advice from your doctor or dietitian.

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