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stomach surgery

Tips for Eating after Stomach Surgery

By Elaine Guinan on November 3, 2017

Treatment of stomach cancer usually involved removal of part or all of the stomach, which can impact the foods you eat for a long time. In hospital, the medical team will give you guidance on progressing your intake. Generally you are advised to start on fluids, gradually moving onto small portions of soft, ‘sloppy’ meals.

Going home can be scary for patients, as you go from having safe foods given to you, to having to make them yourself. Good nutrition plays a huge role in recovery. Try some of these tips to help and remember, if you are struggling, always contact your medical team to let them know.


As your diet expands out, you may want to try new foods. This menu of foods contains small meals which may tempt your taste buds. These do not replace advice given by your dietitian, but may act as a base to modify to your specific needs as directed by your medical team. Add high calorie additions to make them more nutritious, and cook all foods well to make them soft and easy to manage. Enjoy!

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