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“For me, cooking is the first step to healthy eating. The more you cook and you make things from scratch, the more goodness you’re likely to put into your body.”

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“I believe it is important to stay flexible and be inquisitive, because the doors that open in life may not lead to where you first thought of going. Trust where the path takes you. You’ll know when it’s right.”

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The Cook For Your Life cookbook, is nominated for a James Beard Book Award in the “Focus on Health” category.

Ann visits with Jill Blakeway on the Grow Cook Heal podcast. Ann tells Jill about how CFYL started and teaches us how to make Bruce’s Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

As soon as Gaffney started teaching, she was hooked:

“Seeing people who didn’t think they could cook, and watching their delight at finding out they could, was exhilarating and I realized I wanted more of that — I wanted to help people.”

“[Cook for Your Life] is aimed at cancer patients — and its direct, even urgent title leads us into contents whose tone is wonderfully warm and kindly, as well as painstakingly clear in all its directions.”

“Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in partnership with the New York City-based, not-for-profit Cook for Your Life initiative have published the results of an intervention designed to provide a diverse and under-represented group of Latina breast cancer survivors with the knowledge and skills needed to change and sustain dietary behaviors.”

“Change is Good: From High Fashion to Cuisine with Compassion. For former fashion designer and two-time cancer survivor Ann Ogden Gaffney, understanding the difficulties of undergoing cancer treatment led to a change of course…”

Cancer survivor and cookbook author Ann Ogden Gaffney says food can help comfort and heal while patients go through treatment. CBS News’ Marlie Hall reports.

CBS 2 News Features a Cook For Your LIFE Hope Lodge Cooking Class for their 2014 Breast Cancer Coverage. Listen to the radio interview. 

As a two-time cancer survivor, Gaffney understands what is needed before, during and after treatment, including which foods can provide symptom relief, fulfill nutritional needs and allow a sense of control during a chaotic time.

“Having endured surgery, radiation and chemo, Ogden knows what it’s like trying to cook and eat healthily at a time when food may be the furthest thing from your mind.”

“…Ms. Clark began volunteering for Ms. Gaffney’s workshops, which were simple and not ‘preachy,’ she says. Instead, they just offered a road map for a ‘sensible way to eat.'”

“…This totally-doable-on-a-weeknight recipe from the new book, Cook for Your Life, by Ann Ogden Gaffney, starts with chicken you marinate in mustard and white wine..”

“…Now, the avid home cook and “Cook for Your Life” founder is on a mission to spread the soul-sustaining joy of cooking to cancer patients across the nation.”

Breast Cancer Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of: Ann Ogden, The Healthy Cook

Ann appears on New York Non-Stop News to talk about Cook For Your Life.

“In my first class, everyone looked at what they’d made—poached salmon with herbed yogurt and sauteed greens—and they were so excited. They realized they could be alive again, in a sense. My heart was bursting.”

“A lot of nutritionists would tell patients what to eat, but not show them how to prepare it in an enjoyable way. This was my first ‘ah-ha’ moment—bridging the gap between nutritional advice and actual at-home execution,” says Gaffney…”

“March is National Nutrition Month, but Ann Ogden Gaffney of Cook For Your LIFE celebrates healthy eating year round. She packs up her herbs and spices and heads over to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.”

“The author has experience and understanding how the appetite changes, with taste and smell and even swallowing for patients going through chemotherapy, radiation, even recovering from surgery.”

“When my treatment ended, I made my decision to leave fashion and start Cook for Your Life in 2007. CFYL’s mission is to give the cancer community the practical knowledge, tools and inspiration to cook their way into a healthy survivorship…”

“Recently, I came across a wonderful website called: Cook For Your Life (CFYL). It’s so great that I had to share it with you…The Silver Lining (and my own prerequisite for entering the kitchen!) is that the recipes are easy to make, easy to digest, and full of the nutrients and vitamins needed to sustain yourself both during and after treatment.”

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“Using a culturally based hands-on educational approach, the Cook for Your Life program or ¡Cocinar Para Su Salud! is geared toward Latina breast cancer survivors who are at higher risk of obesity, low physical activity, and poorer access to quality healthcare.”

“Ann learned from this experience that cooking was solace and nutrition was essential to manage side effects from treatment and support her recovery. Her own experience plus listening to others facing dietary and eating challenges during treatment gave Ann the impetus to leave the fashion world to create Cook for Your Life in 2007. “

“…the participants increased their number of fruits and vegetables servings to 6.8 per day, well within the American Cancer Society’s recommended 5-9 servings per day to improve clinical outcomes. After six months the women in Cook for Your Life had increased the amount of targeted fruits and vegetables by over 2.5 servings a day.”

“The Intervention group (n=34) participated in ¡Cocinar Para Su Salud!, a culturally based nine-session (24 hours over 12 weeks) intervention including nutrition education, cooking classes, and food-shopping field trips. The Control group (n=36) received written dietary recommendations for breast cancer survivors.”

Ogden Gaffney says that’s what “Cook for Your Life” is all about.

“When somebody comes up to me after class and says “you helped me to eat better” or a loved one they’re looking after was able to eat something for the first time in days, those kinds of things make me realize this is worth doing,” Ann said.

“I had been diagnosed, but I was okay and so I made a pact with myself that until I was told that I wasn’t going to be okay, that everything was fine,” Ogden Gaffney said.

Ann channeled her positive energy into the kitchen.

“…when my own experience with cancer treatment made me realize just how important having basic knowledge of food and basic cooking skills can be to stay nourished and healthy. This led me to create Cook for Your LIFE to teach healthy cooking to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.” Ann Ogden

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