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Anne P.

Cookbook review

"The [CFYL] book is by far the best of the many cancer cookbooks I own! The ability to choose recipes according to the readers needs at that time is invaluable! I never knew that eating in a healthy, nourishing way could be so delicious and simple! I have recently made the shift from Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor. I am convinced it’s due to the combination of learning the right way to eat during and after treatment as well as having great doctors. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a few of Ann Gaffney’s classes at Hope Lodge NYC. This cookbook allows me to add to the cherished recipes from those classes. Thanks Ann, for all of “Ann’s Tips” throughout the book. It makes is so much fun! Highly recommended!!"


Facebook Friend, Caregiver

"I use this website multiple times a day, ever since my mother came home from surgery and now as we begin her chemo regimen. I truly believe your nutritious and delicious recipes helped to make my mom feel better as she was recovering from surgery and gave her the nutrients she needed to speed the process along. I am also no cook at all and thanks to you folks, I am learning at a fast pace how to make sure my mother gets the proper nutrition. The ease of your website, (at no cost no less!) makes it even better. I can’t thank you all enough for being there for us. I want to give you all a big Internet * HUG*"

Suleika Jaouad

New York Times columnist of “Life Interrupted”

"Cook For Your Life was a safe haven of information and delicious recipes for me and my family following my diagnosis of leukemia at age 22. There are many things that lie outside of your control when you're diagnosed with cancer, but Cook For Your Life taught me how to take charge of my health in the kitchen."


Site Visitor

"Breakfast is the hardest meal to do. Although physically I am awake, mentally I am still asleep. I am recovering from MALT Lymphoma, it's a relapse. Now, I look forward to doing breakfast!" Norizah Site Visitor

Dr. Drew Ramsey

Author of Fifty Shades of Kale

"Cook for Your Life and Ann Ogden's work inspire me. She teaches a greatly needed skill for patients and families affected by cancer - how to nourish and heal the body with food."

Charlotte H.

Site Visitor

"I'm on chemo, and have been searching for good easy future plans because I'm not really a cook. What a blessing this will be!"

Janet W.

Cookbook review

"Everyone and I mean everyone needs a copy of this book. The thoughtfulness of the recipes not to mention the beautiful writing by Ann Ogden Gaffney is beyond valuable. Most of us have friends and family that, during and after health related issues, need the tender recovery that this book plays a part in."

Lucy H

Hope Lodge NYC

"Sharing the night and the experience with other people touched by cancer makes me feel like I'm not alone. Looking forward to seeing you all again."

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