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Nutrition & Cancer Research

Learn about what our parent organization, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, has been up to in the world of groundbreaking nutrition and cancer research.

A survey to assess the preference and self-efficacy of diet and physical activity choices

The Greenlee lab is advancing the Mi Vida Saludable program to assist Latina breast cancer survivors. They’ve introduced the PSEDPALW questionnaire in English and Spanish, focusing on preferences and confidence regarding behavior changes. This research aims to improve progress tracking and offer personalized interventions for Latina breast cancer survivors.

A healthier life: Cook & Move for Your Life program

A recent study conducted by Dr. Heather Greenlee’s group in the Public Health Sciences Division evaluated the feasibility and effectiveness of promoting healthy eating choices and physical activity among early-stage breast cancer survivors through the online Cook & Move for Your Life program.

The Special Sauce in Mi Vida Saludable

Learn how the Greenlee lab designed a program for promoting a lasting healthy diet and physical activity lifestyle for Latina breast cancer survivors.

fred hutch eyes future of weight loss

Fred Hutch Eyes the Future of Weight Loss

A new Fred Hutch pilot study shows that using innovative telephone coaching tools to curb unhealthy food cravings during a pandemic helps people lose weight and keep it off. 

Dr. Heather Greenlee giving a lecture at Fred Hutch.

More Sleep, More Plants, Keep Moving

The best strategies to keep cancer patients and their caregivers (plus all of us) on a disease-prevention path — now and for the long haul. 

Megan Lyle in the Nutrition Kitchen

Getting Creative in the Face of COVID-19

Faced with a global pandemic, scientists, including the Cook for Your Life team, are pivoting how they conduct clinical studies to prioritize safety and patient benefit.

making progress on curing cancer not on racism

Speaking up Against Structural Racism in Cancer Care

New national reports outline our progress on cancer and issue a call to action to eliminate structural racism that drives health disparities.

Eating During Uncertain Times

Feel like you’re merely surviving, not thriving? You can feed your soul and boost your immune system in quarantine, says Registered Dietitian Kate Ueland, MS, RD.

Researchers at Fred Hutch

Common Household Pests & Obesity Research  

Fred Hutch researchers find that fruit flies may hold the key to understanding how our body prevents weight fluctuations.

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