I am in need of guidance on some good sources of calcium and vitamin d for my dear friend who has just started her first of 16 weeks of chemo therapy. Can you help me with this? 

Calcium, an essential mineral, is stored in our bones and provides bones with structure and the ability to function properly. Calcium has many other roles in the body, including muscle and heart functioning, as well as nerve transmission. Bone health is sometimes a concern for people undergoing chemotherapy due to the chemotherapy itself, steroid use, or early menopause. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calcium is 1000 milligrams (mg) per day for adult men up to the age of 70; then it’s 1200 mg. For women, the RDA is 1000 mg up to age 50, and then 1200 mg. Your health care provider may suggest other dosages depending on your situation.

Some of the best dietary sources for calcium are yogurt, milk, cheese, and sardines with bones. You may also note that many foods are fortified with calcium, most commonly soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, firm tofu made with calcium sulfate, orange juice and ready-to-eat cereals.  The label will tell you how much calcium they contain. Some leafy greens are also decent sources of calcium, especially kale, which contains about 100 mg per 1 cup either cooked or raw.

We need vitamin D to absorb calcium. There are few really good food sources for this vitamin, we gain it mostly from exposing our skin to the sun. So, in this case, look for foods that are fortified – milk and other dairy products – or talk to your healthcare provider about using a supplement.

E. Trepal, RD, MS





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