In the 1950’s, Campbell’s Soup created a recipe to promote its cream of mushroom soup (which apparently America just wasn’t eating enough of), and since then the green bean casserole has become a staple on many holiday tables. It’s probably served now more for its nostalgia value than for its taste — even for arch foodies there’s something to be said for the combination of crunchy onions, mushrooms and green beans. Unfortunately, since the onions and beans typically come from cans, the result is a preservative and sodium-laden side dish. A single can of mushroom soup is very high in saturated fat, calories and sodium — all things you don’t need when you’re trying to maintain a healthy and nutrient-rich diet during treatment.

There are simple ways to give this traditional dish a makeover. For starters, skip the cans. Opting for fresh or frozen green beans is one way to make this dish immediately healthier and just as easy. Instead of cream of mushroom soup, use fresh portabella mushrooms or a mix of different types (most groceries carry them pre-sliced for another time-saving trick). Using toasted almonds instead of fried onion adds healthy fats and minerals and a pleasing crunch.

The result? A festive green bean dish you can feel good about eating. Our Green Bean & Mushroom Sauté  (pictured above) has about a quarter of the calories of the original casserole, plus sodium content that you can control, and none of the traditional recipe’s saturated fat content. You can also try our Green Bean Casserole (below) for another healthy rendition of the classic favorite. It uses greek yogurt to add the traditional creaminess, with health benefits and protein to boot.




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