In this class Ann will introduce you to the different varieties and colors of cauliflower and will show you a couple of easy ways to cook them that will convert even the most hardened veggie haters! Look and learn

The Green Market With Ann Looking at Colorful Cauliflowers And Romanesco

In this pre-Thanksgiving trip to NYC’s Union Square greenmarket, Ann will show you not only all the different types of colorful cauliflowers available from the stalls, but some other healthy winter veggies you may not have thought about using. Look and learn!

Quick and Easy Spiced Oven Roasted Cauliflower

A simple recipe that is one of my favorite ways to cook this delicious vegetable. It unites the cancer fighting properties of cruciferous cauliflower with antioxidant turmeric in one easy, yummy dish! Look and learn!

Cutting Cauliflower

Although it’s popular, we don’t always want to cook a whole cauliflower. Ann is going to show you how to get into this nutritious vegetable and break it up into manageable pieces called florets. Look and learn

Healthy Cauliflower Gratin

This gluten free dish is an easy delicious way to turn cauliflower into a nutritious meal or Holiday side. Instead of a heavy flour based sauce, Ann uses ricotta blended with a little milk to make a simple sauce for this supremely simple yet tasty dish. Look and learn.