How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

When I lived in Paris, one of the things I loved was how you could go into a bar for a drink or a coffee and find a pyramid of hard boiled eggs on the counter for patrons to snack on. Eggs are powerhouses of nutrition, high in protein, vitamin B12, the minerals phosphorous and selenium, and fats. Hard-boiled eggs are good to have on hand for those in treatment. They are a safe, highly nutritious snack. It’s best to use slightly older eggs for hard-boiling, because the shells of very fresh eggs don’t peeloff easily. By older I don’t mean stale, but around five days after buying. Most supermarket eggs can be hard-boiled straight away, as they spend so much time traveling. I buy free-range farm eggs every week at the greenmarket. If I have any left over in my fridge, before I buy more I hard boil the remaining ones for the family to snack on during the day or to use in sandwiches or salads. Here’s the best way to hard boil eggs. If you cook them exactly like this, they won’t crack, nor will they get a gray-green ring around the yolk.

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