Raspberry Lemonade

There’s little more deliciously refreshing on a hot day than a glass of chilled Raspberry Lemonade. It’s so easy to make at home that I wonder why anyone buys it in the store, especially as homemade lemonade has a lot less sugar per serving than most commercial brands. I enjoy sweet things, but there’s way too much added sugar in commercially processed foods, and we really don’t need it. I’ve found the best way to tame a sweet tooth is to gradually cut back on the sugariness of the foods and drinks I consume, which means more homemade food and drink. It’s easy to take on control of the amount of added sugar in food and drinks in your own kitchen. Since a sweet tooth is a very personal thing and I happen to prefer my lemonade a little sharp, for this recipe I would start by adding just half the syrup to the rest of the ingredients, sampling it, and then stirring in more in to suit my taste. It’s easy to do. Try it

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