Healthy Holiday Cookies

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During the holiday months, the lights, good cheer, and sweet treats make the season bright. Our versions of the usual holiday cookies are healthier but still have the delicious flavors you’re searching for. With less fat and sugar, you’ll be looking forward to eating these cookies and feeling great about it, too. Here are some of our favorite healthy cookie recipes that bring the nutrition benefits of certain healthy ingredients (think fiber-rich whole wheat flour and high-protein Greek yogurt) without skimping on taste. Enjoy!


Whole Wheat Ginger Snap Cookies This recipe calls for whole wheat flour as a healthier substitute to white flour. Whole wheat flour offers a denser and more flavorful cookie, along with higher protein content. Ginger is known to help an upset stomach, so having these on hand to go with a cup of calming tea during the busy holidays is a great idea!


Thumbprint Cookies These fancy looking cookies can be made with any of your favorite jams! We recommend using jams with “no sugar added” because the natural sugar from fruit already makes them deliciously sweet.


Oatmeal & Date Cookies Once you read the ingredients in this recipe, you’ll be convinced that they are a must-have. First off, these cookies are dairy-free, so if you’re lactose intolerant, look no further. The natural sugar in dates makes them the perfect ingredient to act as a sweetener. Coconut oil and shredded coconut supply not only key vitamins and minerals but also delicious flavor. Using walnuts in this recipe will provide healthy omega-3 fat. Oats have numerous health benefits and a chewy texture, too.


Maple Walnut Cookies A gluten-free cookie recipe that is simple, delicious, and is packed with plant-based omega-3 fat from the walnuts.


Bean Cookies With Cardamom & Pistachio You weren’t dreaming when you read that these are bean cookies! Adding beans gives this recipe an antioxidant boost along with fiber and protein.

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies This is one of the most famous cookies out there. Our recipe has less butter, sugar, and flour than traditional recipes but still satisfies that classic craving.


Easy Almond Cookies A recipe that calls for 3 ingredients?! Almond flour adds nutrients that give these cookies an antioxidant boost. The proteins and healthy fats in almond flour truly make it ideal for individuals looking for alternatives to white flour. You can thank almond flour for making this sweet treat gluten-free, too.

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