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lemons & limes- cook for your life-anti cancer recipes

Those tart teammates, lemons and limes, are born winners. They’re also surprisingly versatile, adding to and enhancing the flavors of just about any food while offering powerful antioxidants.  

Lemons and limes are in the citrus family and contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce the damage to our cells from free radicals. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as lemons and limes, help to support a healthy and robust immune system. Chronic low-grade inflammation is a hallmark of cancer. It is important to support your immune system by eating your vitamins and minerals to help combat chronic inflammation.  

Combatting Taste Changes with Citrus

A common side effect of chemotherapy is taste changes. Chemotherapy can alter the taste of our food making it taste, bitter, metallic, overly sweet or salty. Lemon enhances the flavors of food and can be especially helpful when experiencing altered taste from chemotherapy. If you’re not experiencing mouth sores, lemon wedges or lemonade can help eliminate the metallic taste of water. Put them in a carafe of cold water in the fridge, or pour hot water over a slice of lemon, or create a curl of lemon zest and make a cup of delicious, lemony tea, or one of these delicious lemonades.

Chef Tips

When purchasing lemons, make sure they are completely yellow and heavy for their size. Fresh lemons will keep for about a week at room temperature and will be fresh for up to three weeks if refrigerated. Limes should be deep green, and also heavy for their size, and will retain their peak flavor for up to two weeks unrefrigerated. It’s important to remember, especially if you’re using the zest from a lemon or lime, to wash the fruit before using it.

Lemons and limes are great kitchen staples. Just a squeeze here and there can make a world of difference in just about any meal. The right amount will not make the dish taste like citrus, but simply brighten the flavors already present.

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