As you many have seen in the news recently, the Kettering Cancer Center located in Ohio has opened up a new and unique café. Boulevard Bistro is serving up cancer fighting foods that are high in nutrients, protein, and antioxidants. In order to make a menu focusing on cancer prevention the company looked to the American Institute for Cancer Research and the list of the top 25 foods they have suggested that help fight cancer.1 The menu consists of smoothies, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and coffee drinks!

However, there are other institutions that are implementing the same ideas whether it be a café or in cooking demonstrations. The Loma Linda University Cancer Center nutritionists’ are using their knowledge and skills in a great way to help patients.2 The hospital holds bi-monthly Cancer Fighting Food Cooking Demonstrations. These lessons encourage people to get into the kitchen and create a meal that both tastes delicious and can help prevent cancer, heart diseases, and inflammation.

A chef in Miami is teaming up with the Memorial Cancer Institute to create delicious and healthy meals for cancer patients. Chef Michelle Bernstein is adding some flavor and new options for patients. She focuses on adding more plant-based foods that contain little sugar and are high in antioxidants for the patients. When Bernstein has completed the recipes she will train the kitchen staff on how to make these meals so that they can be always be offered.3

The Wellness center at the UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center is also helping cancer patients eat healthy and delicious foods. The registered dietitians at the center hold cooking classes to teach patients how to cook nutrient dense foods that still have great flavor. This center also has a food pantry for low-income patients.4 A feature like this helps those who are suffering from cancer and struggling financially. After they are given access to the pantry, they are given nutrient dense and high protein foods to bring home.

We thing the above initiatives are so helpful, as learning to cook is a key aspect of managing your health. Access to these programs is so limited, and we believe everyone should have the ability to learn these necessary skills for a healthy life. Thats why we have created our Youtube Channel, which brings cooking classes to your home. Check out our videos to learn basic cooking skills, along with cancer-fighting meals to support your cancer treatment.


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