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Thyme is a sweet, earthy, and nutritional herb that makes a great substitute for salt-heavy seasonings. One teaspoon of dried thyme contains 21% of your daily vitamin K, a nutrient that supports liver, blood, and bone health. Thyme also contains iron and calcium which are essential for delivering oxygen throughout your body and maintaining bone health.

This tiny-leaved, woody-stemmed herb is currently being studied for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used throughout history not just for cooking, but medicinally. Making a tea with thyme leaves may to help protect the respiratory system against ailments and colds.

Chef Tips

Thyme provides a distinct taste that complements other flavors and seasonings well. Dried herbs contain more concentrated flavor than fresh versions, so use them in smaller quantities than when using fresh. Thyme is ideal for salad dressing, meat rubs, and marinades.

Use thyme in our Basic Roast Chicken, a simple, succulent recipe that works with either fresh or dried herbs. Sprinkle thyme on top of the chicken and into its cavity prior to cooking. This will infuse the flavor into its juices.

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