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Spring Ramp Risotto with Peas - Cook For Your Life- Anti Cancer recipes

Delicious Comfort – Risotto

I love risotto. It is a favorite comfort food and I ate a lot of it during my cancer treatment. Yes, it can seem bland, but it’s never dull and always delicious. Made with starchy, white, arborio rice it’s easy to digest and our basic recipe can be adapted in many tasty ways for a bland or low fiber diet. My love for it started with a simple rice soup my mother used to make me when I was a kid. She’d give it to my brothers and I when we were sick. Then years of traveling throughout Italy for the fashion business introduced me to the full range of this wonderfully easy dish. But it’s hard work to make, you may say. Risotto conjures up images of endless, relentless stirring. I won’t lie – you do have to stir it, but unless you’re making it for more than 6, it’s actually not that bad to do. But there’s also a genius hack for risotto that makes it a quick and easy meal with very little stirring that Chef Alex Raij taught me. Use a pressure cooker. The basic recipe is in this menu, along with the more traditional stirred version. It has made risotto an almost work free snap for me and I hope it will for you. Enjoy!

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