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Servings: 2 Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 20 minutes

Miso Sesame Marinated Mackerel

Here at CFYL we love miso and mackerel. Oily fish like mackerel, also trout, sardines, and herring should make their way on your plate on a regular basis, they are a great source of vitamin A, D, and of course those wonderful, anti-inflammatory, Omega 3 fatty acids. This marinade is a classic combination of sesame, miso, and peanut butter and a great way to add Asian flare to a weeknight meal. The longer you leave the fish in the marinade the more intense the flavor will be. Serve this alongside rice and a crisp green salad for a super easy and satisfying meal.

  1. Combine miso, sesame seeds, chili flakes, and oil.
  2. Spread on fish.
  3. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate 30-60 minutes before cooking.
  4. Grill over medium-high heat until fish is flaky and skin is brown, about 5 minutes per side.


Jonathan Deutsch, Drexel Food Lab


You can use any omega 3 rich oily fish to make this easy dish – bluefish, herring, sardines, or trout

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