One of the most iconic foods of Hanukah, the potato pancakes called latkes, are tasty and versatile–equally delicious savory with sour cream, or with applesauce or brown sugar.

Though latkes can veer toward the unhealthy side–they are potatoes fried in oil, after all–Our turmeric latkes recipe is light on the oil and heavy on the good-for-you-spices. The turmeric here gives the latkes a brilliant golden hue, as well as significant health benefits. Used for 2,500 years in Indian cuisine, turmeric has shown promise in treating some cancers and melanomas, thanks to curcumin, its principle ingredient. Curcumin is a natural liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


As well as offering the chance to add healthful herbs and spices to your diet in a delicious dish, latkes also provide a great way to get other healthy tubers into your diet, such as turnips, parsnips or beets. Carrots also work well and, when mixed with the potatoes, add even more sunny color to these turmeric-infused potato cakes. Feel free to adjust the seasoning according to taste–more chiles if you like a little extra kick, less if your mouth or stomach is feeling sensitive. In the latter case, try using chopped mint leaves instead of cilantro.

If you’re in the mood to get inventive with vegetables, give our Vegetable Latkes a try (pictured below).




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