April is both National Cancer Control Month & National Minority Health Month 


At Cook For Your Life we are not necessarily in the business of cancer prevention, rather we aim to be the primary cooking resource for those touched by cancer including patients, caregivers, and survivors. However, time and time again, amidst fad diets, and diets that promise to “cure” cancer we remain true to the idea that the first step to healthy eating is cooking at home – and to follow the simple AICR guidelines for healthy eating. You’ll see that AICR dietary guidelines for cancer prevention and for cancer survivors are exactly the same. They both include eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, staying lean, exercising, limiting red meat consumption, limiting alcohol consumption, and of course, avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco. Thus the focus we give to putting the AICR’s dietary recommendations into easy meals puts us de-facto in the business of prevention as well.

Cancer Control Month Cook For Your LIFE

This Month is also National Minority Health Month. It’s important to us at CFYL to recognize the disparities in health in the United States and in New York City and make sure our programs are not only available to everybody, but that we put on programs that cater to specific cultures and groups within New York City. Our research studies with Columbia University have focused on Latina Breast Cancer Survivors. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Latinas, and our studies have found that the Cook For Your Life teaching method helped the study participants make positive sustainable dietary changes.

We are proud to have translated the CFYL website into Spanish. Click here to browse the entire site in Spanish, and click on our Spanish Youtube channel, where you can look and learn how to create healthy meals.

Cancer Control and Minority Health go hand in hand and will continue to be an essential part of the CFYL mission and enforce and influence our goals as an organization.



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