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Cooking With Herbs

Herbs make all cooking more delicious. Their flavors not only help you to reduce salt in your food but update it with taste you never thought possible. But how?
This primer on cooking with herbs will help you know which ones to buy fresh, and which work well dried. We’ll show you when to add them to your cooking, how to make chopping board pesto-like sauces from them, and how to preserve them, both by drying and freezing. You’ll quickly see how easy herbs are to use. It’ll simply be up to you to decide which ones you like best!

Spicy Gremolata

I happen to love green sauces, like South American chimichurri, and Italian pestos and gremolatas. You can be use these sauces to flavor soups, drizzle over simply cooked fish and veggies, tossed with pasta, or stirred into rice or mashed potatoes. However you use them they’re yummy. In this video we’re making Spicy Gremolata. It’s green sauce made easy. We take flat leaf parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon zest, and no special equipment, just a sharp knife and a chopping board. You can use this same method to make small amounts of pesto with basil too. It’s all easy and it’s all good!

Basic White Beans

It might seem counterintuitive to have a simple bean recipe here, but with it you’ll learn how to use woody aromatic herbs like rosemary whole to flavor simple foods like white beans the classic way. You can take what you learn here to use branches of whole herbs flavor soups stews, and of course beans!

Using Herbs

This how-to video will show you how to prepare soft herbs like basil, chiffonade mint, and how to ball and chop parsley. Parsley is a flavor base for many herb mixes as with the Snap-pea pasta dish we’re making in this class, so it’s worth knowing the easiest way to chop it!

Whole Wheat Snap Pea Pasta

This deliciously easy pasta shows you how to use soft herbs like basil, mint and parsley to their best advantage in your cooking. You’ll learn how and when to add them to keep theirs flavors fresh and sweet. It’s important because fresh basil can become bitter tasting if you overcook it. We’ll show you how to use it to bring out the best of it’s unique flavor.

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