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Treat Yourself During Treatment

Getting through chemo is hard, so it’s natural to want to treat yourself during cancer treatment. There’s a lot of controversy over sugar intake, especially in the cancer arena, but if as a rule, you watch your sugar, I believe an occasional sweet treat can’t hurt. Whenever I was in the chemo suite, the nurses would always have boxes of cookies or doughnut holes for patients to nibble on during infusions, and sometimes it was just what the doctor ordered. I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but I was unbelievably fatigued during chemo, and sweet foods were often what I craved, perhaps for the energy boost. Unless your Oncologist or Dietician recommends otherwise, when chemo gets you down there’s no need to deny yourself those little treats that can cheer you up. These homemade, whole-food goodies were favorites, my family’s too. They use a lot less sugar than commercial confections but will still hit your sweet spot.

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