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Artichoke Recipe Collection

People are often stymied by artichokes. How do you prepare them? How do you eat them? And so they get left on the shelf. It’s a pity because they’re incredibly easy to cook and make for...

In Season: Although the artichoke is available year-round in California, it is at it’s peak elsewhere from March through May.
How To Buy: Look for artichokes that feel heavy and firm. They should have a healthy green color (although some varietals are tinged with purple) and the leaves should be tight and compact. Pass on any whose leaves look dry and wrinkled.
Storage: Trim the stem of the artichoke and spritz the fresh stem with a little water, then store in an airtight bag for up to a week. However, the sooner you eat them the fresher they will taste!

Steamed Artichokes Recipe Image

Steamed Artichokes

20 min prep

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