Easy to Swallow

Cooling Off With Granitas

Dessert can be tricky for the health-conscious, but granitas make it easy. You’ll love these icy treats because they’re simple to make, a great finale to any summer meal, and incredibly helpful for anyone...

Mango Granita Recipe Image

Mango Granita

15 min prep
Chocolate Granita Recipe Image

Chocolate Granita

15 min prep
Coconut Granita Recipe Image

Coconut Granita

15 min prep
Coffee Granita Recipe Image

Coffee Granita

15 min prep
Cucumber Granita Recipe Image

Cucumber Granita

15 min prep
Green Tea Granita Recipe Image

Green Tea Granita

15 min prep
Grapefruit Granita Recipe Image

Grapefruit Granita

15 min prep
Berry Granita Recipe Image

Berry Granita

15 min prep
Watermelon Granita Recipe Image

Watermelon Granita

15 min prep

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