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coffee granita- anti-cancer recipes- cook for your life

Servings: 4 Prep time: 15 minutes

Coffee Granita

Coffee granita is a wonderful icy treat! This is a delicious and simple way to make an iced sherbet for the coffee lovers in your life. Use decaf if you can’t handle the caffeine.Great as an after lunch or dinner treat, this also makes the mother of all iced coffees served in a glass with light cream or half and half poured over it.


1.Blend all the ingredients together – if using sugar make sure it has melted into the coffee. Pour into a pyrex bowl and let it cool. Put in the freezer.

2. Check the bowl every 20 minutes or so, scraping the ice crystals off the sides of the bowl until you end up with a sorbet of a fluffy snowy consistency – about 2 hours.


Ann’s Tips and Tricks

Instead of using vanilla essence, if you have a vanilla pod, steep it in the hot coffee while it cools – at least 10 minutes. Remove it before freezing. Sweetening coffee is a personal thing. Use our recipe amounts as a suggestion only.

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