What’s life without a little fun? When trying to eat healthy, it can seem like so many tasty foods are off limits, which is disheartening. Being too strict on your diet may drive you to binge eating, resulting in the familiar ‘all or nothing’ mind set seen in dieting.

  • Limit treats to a certain time of day, for example after your main meal. The fullness from your main meal should help to avoid overeating on the sweeter stuff, so you naturally portion control. Remember to eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.
  • Look at the label to assess how it fits. Yes, we always talk about this, but knowledge is power! Being able to assess something to see how it fits in with your dietary goals makes healthy living easier. For example, the American dietary guidelines recommends that we limit added sugars to no more than 10% of our caloric intake daily. For the average woman eating 2000 calories per day, 10% works out to be 50g of sugar per day. To give you reference, a 20 ounce bottle of coca cola has around 65g of sugar per day, so drinking the full bottle would automatically put you over your daily goal. This is not including other ‘hidden’ added sugars in processed foods which you may not even realize contain sugar, such as bread, condiments and other goods. To avoid this, you could choose to have a zero sugar diet drink, to decrease the portion size of the cola, or to have the bottle, and not have any sugar the next day so try balance it out. In this way, you can see that cola can be fit into a diet, but must be looked at in terms of the whole diet.
  • Have treats outside the house to avoid constant temptation. Many of us are guilty of mindlessly eating things like cookies without really enjoying them. Having a constant supply can also be taxing on even the strongest will power. Why not choose to have treat foods when eating out, so that you can really indulge, and enjoy the indulgence!
  • Switch to a healthier option. Our site is full of heathier versions of treats, such as our delicious tofu chocolate puddings. While you still need to be mindful of calories and sugars with them, at least they are not as nutritionally empty as shop bought things. Enjoy making them, enjoy eating them and don’t forget to share!


Hopefully these tips will help you incorporate the healthy and not so healthy foods into your daily life. Enjoy!





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