Have a Spooktacularly Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and many kids around the country are preparing their costumes for the annual tradition of trick-or-treating. Whether heading out with kids yourself or stocking up for kids calling to trick-or-treat, many households wind up with a lot of extra candy at this time of year.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with indulging in treats, but if you want to help your kids have a healthier Halloween with more nutrients and less sugar (and avoid the candy stockpile at home), here are our top tips:

  • Have your kids fill up on healthy meals and snacks before going trick-or-treating. This way, they’ll get plenty of nutrients and avoid excess hunger (which can lead to more candy binges). Try one of these delicious kid-friendly options: Chicken TendersFish Sticks With Lemon Mayo, and Vegetable Mac & Cheese.
  • Hand out healthier treats. Try handing out small packets of trail mix, dried fruit, granola bars, or unsalted popcorn for a tasty snack. (You may want to avoid handing out snacks with peanuts, as many kids are allergic to peanuts these days.) Healthier baked goods, such as our Pumpkin Muffins and Pumpkin Bread, are a hit with adults and kids alike.
  • Hand out toys or other non-food treats. This can be an excellent way to celebrate Halloween without the extra sugar. Try providing Halloween-themed stickers, pencils, or toy figurines for a fun choice that kids will love.
  • Look for treat-sized candies. Whether handing out or receiving treats at the door, go for smaller treat-sized candies (as opposed to full size or king size), which can help with portion control.
  • Use a smaller bag, and plan for leftovers. Using a smaller bag for trick-or-treating can keep your kids from gathering a huge amount of candy. If you have a lot of candy left over after the holiday, let your kids decide which candies are their favorites, and aim to ration these out after meals over a period of weeks. Consider passing off unwanted candy to coworkers or even store some in the freezer for another time, if needed.
  • Focus on other fun Halloween-related activities. Halloween is about much more than just the candy. Let your kids help with activities such as decorating your house, carving pumpkins, and picking out costumes.

We hope you have a happy, healthy Halloween. For more recipe inspiration, check out our festive Pumpkin Recipes.

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