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Bean Recipes

How to buy: If purchasing dried beans, make sure to buy them from a busy store — older beans will take longer to cook. Look for beans that are whole and not too broken....

Pinto Beans Recipe Image

Pinto Beans

30 min prep
Basic Black Beans Recipe Image

Basic Black Beans

20 min prep
Basic White Beans Recipe Image

Basic White Beans

20 min prep
Black Bean Burgers Recipe Image

Black Bean Burgers

15 min prep
Black Bean Chili Recipe Image

Black Bean Chili

20 min prep
Black Bean Dip Recipe Image

Black Bean Dip

15 min prep
Black Bean Soup Recipe Image

Black Bean Soup

20 min prep
Black Eyed-Peas Recipe Image

Black Eyed-Peas

15 min prep
Baked Beans Recipe Image

Baked Beans

30 min prep

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