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room temperature recipes for sore mouth

Room Temperature & Soothing

Nausea, sore mouth and throat, dry mouth, trouble swallowing, and changes in taste are all side effects of cancer treatment that may make it hard to eat. Added to that, neuropathy can cause aversion to either eating or handling very hot or very cold foods. Eating foods that are at room temperature can make these side effects easier to deal with. There’s less smell for those feeling queasy, and they are gentler on a sore mouth, especially when chunkier recipes are blended until smooth. Room temperature foods also taste great while giving you those much needed nutrients to keep you strong through treatment. You’d be surprised how many meals are delicious and soothing eaten this way. Their flavors fully develop at room temperature. It’s easy: you let hot foods cool down to room temperature and chilled dishes from the fridge sit out under plastic wrap to warm up. All the dishes below are really yummy, my favorites being the vegetable soups drizzled with a little good olive oil. Give them a try.

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