Top 5 Summer Herbs & How To Use Them


There is no other herb that can compare to the refreshing feel that mint gives to a dish. The natural stimulant is great at awakening senses, increasing energy levels, and lessening the damage of radiation. We love to incorporate mint into summer recipes like our Grilled Shrimp Pasta With Mint Pesto & Peas and Watermelon Gazpacho With Mint & Feta.

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More than a delightfully aromatic herb, studies show that basil is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Try it in our homemade Basil Pesto, a sauce that pairs well with all types of savory dishes. We particularly enjoy it with our Summer Vegetable Soup.

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Dill is a buttery, delicate herb that adds a beautiful pop of green to salads, fish, and meat dishes. Dill provides antioxidants, iron, calcium, and manganese. Pair it alongside other summer herbs in our Dill & Mint Marinated Salmon for a light and flavorful dish.

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Not only a garnish, but parsley is also a flavor boosting herb. Although curly leaf parsley is often used for decorative purposes, flat-leaf parsley adds a mild flavor to fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Parsley goes above-and-beyond in terms of nutritional value. Parsley contains flavonoid compounds that reduce free radical damage. We recommend trying it in our Grilled Tuna With Mediterranean Herbs and our Millet Tabbouleh.

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Aside from adding a distinct flavor to a variety of cuisines, cilantro is rich in flavonoids and phytonutrients. It is also packed with vitamins A, C, E, and K. Our Lemon Lime Cilantro Fish Tacos are the perfect summer dish if you’re looking to switch up your traditional grilling. Since cilantro is commonly used in Vietnamese dishes, we also recommend trying our Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich.

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