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Freezer Friendly Foods

Certain foods love the freezer, and thank goodness for that! Having meals ready in the freezer can be a godsend in the days after a chemo infusion. More than soups can make their way to the freezer. Steamed or blanched vegetables, stock, berries, brown rice, pesto, bread, muffins, even pancakes can be defrosted and enjoyed in no time at all. When cooking for the freezer, it’s best to store food in either single or double portions. This allows you to feed one person at a time or the whole family. We especially like the trick of using ice trays to make your own bouillon cubes with homemade stock to use in stir-fries and sauces. And check out the video where Ann shows you how to “bag and freeze” liquids to save space. Here are some of our favorite, freezer-tested meal ideas.

Click here for info on how long certain foods can stay in the freezer. (http://bit.ly/1GvLSXL)

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