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Pea Recipes

Maybe it’s because I’m British but I love peas in a way most Americans don’t. Maybe it’s the childhood memories of shelling them from their pods for summer lunches, sneaking sweet raw peas...

In season: Snow peas, English peas, garden peas and sugar snap peas are all best in the late spring early summer. Frozen peas are good to have year-round as they are frozen during the peak of their season.
How to buy: Peas should be plump, crisp, and bright green in color.
Storage: Keep pods in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Green Pea Hummus Recipe Image

Green Pea Hummus

15 min prep
Pea Puree Recipe Image

Pea Puree

15 min prep
Spring Pea Salad Recipe Image

Spring Pea Salad

20 min prep
Veggie Fried Rice Recipe Image

Veggie Fried Rice

20 min prep

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