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Spring Ramp Risotto with Peas - Cook For Your Life- Anti Cancer recipes

Pea Recipes

Maybe it’s because I’m British but I love peas in a way most Americans don’t. Maybe it’s the childhood memories of shelling them from their pods for summer lunches, sneaking sweet raw peas as I worked. All I know is I just find them delicious. On a practical level, they are not only sweet, but being legumes they are a source of protein and a nutritious addition to grain based dishes like pasta and risotto. Check out the recipes below, and you’ll see just how versatile they can be.

In season: Snow peas, English peas, garden peas and sugar snap peas are all best in the late spring early summer. Frozen peas are good to have year-round as they are frozen during the peak of their season.
How to buy: Peas should be plump, crisp, and bright green in color.
Storage: Keep pods in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to three days.

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