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Whipple Surgery – Ideas on Eating Well Afterwards

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Nothing can be a more confusing part of treatment than eating after Whipple surgery. Why? Because there are no hard and fast dietary guidelines out there. Reactions to what is a dramatic re-routing of the body’s digestive apparatus can vary enormously from person to person and with the extent of each individual surgery. Some patients will find they have few problems afterwards, while others struggle. To help you along with the information you need, check out our in-depth article here. For some basic food ideas to get you through, the menu below should be helpful. Although the choices may seem diverse, the uniting principal is to give up the idea of eating 3 squares a day for small, frequent, protein packed meals, and nutritious snacks. In the early stages of recovery after Whipple surgery, some of the blander foods may suit you better, while as your body re-adjusts, other types of food will be more tempting, so we’ve included some stronger tasting items that are good for chemo palate. It’s a good idea to keep a food diary to see which foods work best for you. And don’t shun the high calorie choices either. You’ll need the extra calories to maintain a healthy weight, so try adding butter, cream, cream cheese or a little sugar to meals and snacks to give them a boost. Don’t forget to take your pancreatic enzymes as directed if you have been prescribed some, to really unlock the goodness in your meals.  In any event, we hope you find these ideas useful, and above all tasty! Enjoy!

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