Cancer Protective Diet

Save the Planet! Delicious Vegan and Veggie Eats

Research shows that it makes more and more sense to focus our diets on plant based foods. Although Cook for Your Life is not a strictly vegan or vegetarian site, we focus on plant-based...

Vegan Pho Recipe Image

Vegan Pho

20 min prep
Turmeric Dal Recipe Image

Turmeric Dal

30 min prep
Tempeh Quesadilla Recipe Image

Tempeh Quesadilla

15 min prep
Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Image

Stuffed Mushrooms

20 min prep
Baba Ganoush Recipe Image

Baba Ganoush

30 min prep
Vegetarian Borscht Recipe Image

Vegetarian Borscht

20 min prep
Asparagus Risotto Recipe Image

Asparagus Risotto

45 min prep

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