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During the Holidays, a lot of alcohol seems to be involved in the festivities, but Holiday drinks don’t always need alcohol to be delicious or festive, a good thing since overindulging in alcohol, the horrible hangovers aside, may increase our cancer risk. Our mocktails offer a healthier twist to traditional beverages and will get you right into the holiday spirit. Cancer treatment can make it hard to partake in holiday festivities, so don’t let the little stuff, like whether or not you can enjoy a cocktail, get in the way. Have a yummy mocktail! Besides, what better excuse to up your daily percentage of fruit? These tasty, festive beverages will keep you hydrated and satisfied with their dynamic flavors and nutritious content.

Lighter Egg Nog

Our Lower-Fat Eggnog is the perfect start to this list. Using skim milk instead of cream you can indulge without so many empty calories. And of course, skipping the alcohol saves on calories. Go ahead give it a shot!

Mock Sangria

Sangria will always be a mainstay, no matter what season it is. Getting vitamins and antioxidants is essential to maintaining a healthy diet and even though this is a sweet drink, it still has beneficial properties. Side note: If you want a fresher and more natural flavor, juice your own fruit!

Orange Mint Twist
Orange Mint Twist

Don’t mock a mocktail folks, this twist will change your mind. We don’t know about you, but nothing is more refreshing than freshly squeezed orange juice and mint. This drink is sweetened with honey and perfected with sparkling water.

pomegranate lime sour
Pomegranate Lime Sour

We keep it simple, healthy, and fun. Bring your holiday party to life with this tangy mocktail. Add a few pomegranate seeds and lime slices to really kick it off.

Virgin Bermuda Triangle
Virgin Bermuda Triangle

Orange, peach, and pomegranate? You simply can’t go wrong with this one. A healthier take on a festive and classic drink. One thing, look out for added sugars when purchasing fruit juices. Garnishing your drinks with fruit can add natural sugar and flavor.

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