Start the Day Right – Our Favorite Vegan Breakfasts

Back in the day, I used to frequently travel in Japan for my work. I loved the traditional breakfast they would serve – miso soup, rice, smoked fish, pickles, all topped with an egg....

Tofu Scramble Recipe Image

Tofu Scramble

20 min prep
Miso Tofu Sandwich Recipe Image

Miso Tofu Sandwich

30 min prep
Basic Miso Soup Recipe Image

Basic Miso Soup

15 min prep
Basic Brown Rice Recipe Image

Basic Brown Rice

15 min prep
Basic Vegan Omelet Recipe Image

Basic Vegan Omelet

15 min prep
Sweet Potato Hash Recipe Image

Sweet Potato Hash

15 min prep
Tofu Soup Recipe Image

Tofu Soup

10 min prep
Kitchari Recipe Image


30 min prep

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