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Protein-Packed Quinoa – The Super Seed

Protein-packed quinoa is a true super seed. This close relative of beets and spinach has come a long way from its home in the Andes. Originally a sacred food of the Incas, quinoa is now a favorite healthy food choice the world wide. It wasn’t always this way. In the USA, it started is career as an exotic, somewhat hippy-dippy food found in health food stores, and apparently only eaten by Woodstock era vegetarians. Yet in the past 10 years quinoa has moved firmly into the mainstream. The demand for quinoa has grown along with our society’s increased interest in plant based, vegan and gluten free foods. This makes sense because quinoa is one of the few plant foods to have complete protein. Quinoa is also gluten free. But for me, as important as these things are, it is quinoa’s versatility in the kitchen that got me hooked. It can be used instead of rice, couscous or oatmeal, for breakfast lunch or dinner, you name it. And in contrast to many whole grains it is quick cooking, which appeals to our modern need for convenience. The menu below will provide you with lots of easy ideas for using protein packed quinoa to make delicious meals throughout the day.  Enjoy!

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