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Small Plates for Small Appetites

This selection of recipes has been chosen to give you some ideas for meals that can easily translate into small plates for small appetites. Certain cancers, like stomach cancer, can literally reduce the amount of food patients can consume at a meal, while cancer treatment overall can take away the desire to eat anything at all.
This can be as difficult for caregivers to deal with as it is for patients to go through. Being presented with large plates of food can be downright daunting when you don’t feel like eating, and upsetting for caregivers whose food is rejected. After all, all they want to do is make sure that their loved one is eating enough to stay strong.
In both situations, eating frequent, small nutritious meals becomes the best all round strategy. Some of the dishes here are soupy, bland and easy to digest. Others could be perfect for family meals. All can be downsized into half cups and spoonfuls rather than big platefuls. And dishes like fish ‘en Papillotte’ are perfect for tailoring small single servings. When every bite counts to keep the body nourished, these ideas should help you to do just that. If you find that you continue to have difficulty eating enough, and are losing weight, speak with your medical team.

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