The Recipes You Loved in 2020

This one is all you! Based on what we’re seeing from our community of cooks, here are the 20 most popular recipes. From Greek Yogurt Fettuccini Alfredo and Roasted Pineapple, to Fennel tea, we’re...

Roasted Pineapple Recipe Image

Roasted Pineapple

15 min prep
Tomato Risotto Recipe Image

Tomato Risotto

30 min prep
Stewed Prunes Recipe Image

Stewed Prunes

33 min prep
Simple Fennel Tea Recipe Image

Simple Fennel Tea

15 min prep
Steamed Chard Recipe Image

Steamed Chard

20 min prep
Chicken Meatloaf Recipe Image

Chicken Meatloaf

20 min prep
Almond Pound Cake Recipe Image

Almond Pound Cake

15 min prep

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