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Easy Frozen Desserts – Sweet Summer Refreshers

We are always telling people to make the freezer their friend. This is never more true than when the dog days of summer come around. Our easy frozen desserts offer the perfect solution to cool down with. They are perfect for a July 4th BBQ.  None of them require an ice cream maker, just a freezer, maybe a blender and a little time, and nearly all of them, aside from being cooling, will feel great to a mouth sore from chemo treatment.

My favorite healthy summertime iced treats are granitas.  They are basically shaved ices made from fruit purees that are simply frozen and flaked. Hardly any sugar is added – it’s all icy fruity flavor. Total deliciousness! Better yet, you can turn almost anything into one. I made my first one with expresso and vanilla!  Slushies are softer, even drinkable. And of course, our super simple gelato is a creamy treat with less than half the calories and 1/3 the sugar of regular ice cream. Easy frozen desserts are simply yummy. Time to get freezing some of these sweet summer refreshers!

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