Cancer Protective Diet

Easy Frozen Desserts – Sweet Summer Refreshers

We are always telling people to make the freezer their friend. Our easy frozen desserts offer the perfect solution to cool down with and enjoy on those warm days or during treatment.


Watermelon Granita Recipe Image

Watermelon Granita

15 min prep
Berry Granita Recipe Image

Berry Granita

15 min prep
Chocolate Granita Recipe Image

Chocolate Granita

15 min prep
Coconut Granita Recipe Image

Coconut Granita

15 min prep
Coffee Granita Recipe Image

Coffee Granita

15 min prep
Grapefruit Granita Recipe Image

Grapefruit Granita

15 min prep
Green Tea Granita Recipe Image

Green Tea Granita

15 min prep
Banana Ice Cream Recipe Image

Banana Ice Cream

15 min prep
Grape Slushie Recipe Image

Grape Slushie

15 min prep
Banana Slushie Recipe Image

Banana Slushie

15 min prep

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