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Foods To Help You Sleep

This menu is of foods to help you sleep. Good sleep can be hard to come by during cancer treatment, and it will give you some ideas about what can make a good pre-bedtime snack if you’re feeling peckish late at night.  It’s no mystery. Eating the wrong foods close to bedtime can stop you sleeping. Heavy spicy foods are a no-no, as are red meats and other rich, fatty foods. It’s also better not to eat dinner late.  If you can try to leave 4 hours between dinner and bed. And don’t be tempted to have an alcoholic night cap. Alcohol can make you feel sleepy but it doesn’t produce a restful sleep, leaving you tired when you wake. Last but not least, don’t drink too much of any liquid before sleeping. Having to get up to pee will obviously interrupt your sleep. On the list that will help you sleep are dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese, bananas and nuts too. They all make good late night snacks, but not in big quantities, think a handful of granola and a little milk, or some cheese and a couple of crackers. A cup of warm milk or other milky drink are traditional tried and true sleep aids, but watch out if hot chocolate is your preferred bedtime drink. Chocolate contains caffeine, a stimulant that you don’t want to load up on before bed if you want to sleep. Even eating dark chocolate too late can prevent the zzzzs from coming.  Carbs are good sleep inducers too but watch the quantities. As we’ve said a little cheese on bread or some crackers or a scone can help start your eyelids drooping, but again, not too much. We’re talking small snacks here.  At the end of the day, when it’s close to bedtime, and you want to catch some zzzzs, eat light, and eat little. Sweet dreams!

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